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Enhancing School Capacity


Enhancing the capacity of the school’s ISM team

  • Reviewing existing posts of responsibility and their associated duties.
  • SWOT analysis to inform the formulation of new duties for all post holders.
  • Advice to post holders on end of year presentation to the BOM
  • Offer of ISM team coaching or individual coaching to enhance leadership and management skills.
  • Specific advice and support to help motivate reluctant post holders.

Optimising the enhancement of School Infrastructure

  • Advice and guidance on liaising with the DES to secure support and funding to develop School Infrastructure.
  • Advice on enhancing IT plan and upgrade of related facilities,

Recruitment of Staff 

  • Advertising for the position
  • Developing shortlisting criteria.
  • Incisive questioning based on all the domains in leading and learning.
  • Concise marking strategy.


  • Professional advice on the development of a Succession Plan for Principals.
    This plan is designed to facilitate a seamless transition of leadership from outgoing
    Principal to newly appointed Principal, (Succession Template and Succession Plan)
  • Guidance in formulating a specific Acting Up Succession Plan for Deputy Principals.
    This plan is designed to support Deputy Principals to competently and confidently
    assume the role of school leader should the need arise. (See Acting Up Template)
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